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My Hotel App

Make your guest feel at home. Literally.

Free app with performance-based commission option


The myHotel App is your guest facing platform to offer the ultimate hospitality experience. Through a series of functionalities – from booking to check-in, to in-room guest requests – hotels communicate with guests pre-, during- and post-stay, to grow loyalty and develop more direct revenues & relationships.

Through Neorcha’s new performance based App, hotels will have the opportunity to switch on their digital self services almost instantenously by subscribing to the premium features they need based on tiered flexible pricing, with the opportunity to add more features whenever required.

  • Book a Room/Table

    Book a Room/Table

  • Keyless Entry/Room Control

    Keyless Entry/Room Control

  • Order in-room dining

    Order in-room dining

  • Guest Request

    Guest Request

  • Chat


  • Express Checkout

    Express Checkout

  • Digital Concierge

    Digital Concierge

  • Digital Fitness

    Digital Fitness

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