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Meet the team – Alyson Fajardo


Can you tell us a bit about your background and experience?

I have worked in the tech industry for over three years now, mainly supporting and enhancing marketing and customer experience teams. Working with an ERP solutions provider in the region exposed me to many different industries and gave me experience in creating campaigns, organizing webinars and various marketing initiatives for brand awareness and long-term client relationship. Prior to working in tech, I was in the hospitality industry where I learned the importance of providing a great customer experience journey.

What does your role as a customer success Manager look like? 

My role as a Customer Success Manager provides interesting and dynamic days. Meeting existing and potential customers throughout the MENA region enables me to understand their pain areas, address their issues and help them digitalize.

What is the best part of your job with Neorcha?

The best part about my job with Neorcha is the opportunity to meet new and current customers, understand the challenges they are facing and how we can find solutions through our services and products to meet their needs. I also love to visit the hotels that we work with.

What do you see as the biggest technology trends in hotels for 2023 and beyond?

There is no stopping the digital future. We are all obsessed with quick-responses, high-tech features and self-services. In the HotelTech industry, both guests and staff want to have most services digitalized. The top technology trends I see for hotels in the future are mobile check-ins, mobile keys, contactless payments, chatbots, in-guest room controls and guest request services.

What is your favorite hotel and destination?

Hilton Garden Inn, Bali

What destination or hotel stay is on your bucket list?

Anantara Sir Baniyas Island, Abu Dhabi

What do you see as the biggest challenge for hoteliers today?

With the surge of various apps, software developments and systems, hoteliers find it challenging to zoom in on a single solutions/service provider to make several different applications work together in harmony. I think tech companies could benefit from investigating this gap in the market of creating a single hub for different solutions of different specializations.

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