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How to recover fast post COVID19


How contactless services in hotels can help the industry bounce back

Whilst we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, hoteliers around the world – as one of the hardest hit sectors globally- are preparing for a new normal. Even when borders reopen, airlines take off again and hotels resume operations, the sheer reality is that travel and hospitality will be different and that travelers will have new needs and conditions when it comes to flying, hotel stays and car rentals.

As a hospitality technology company offering mobile services to hoteliers, we have been supporting the industry with the digitization of the hotel guest journey for a number of years, in response to the ever-evolving expectations of travelers to engage digitally. From pre-arrival communications and mobile check-in, to restaurant reservations and in-house guest requests, hoteliers have had access to a myriad of mobile services for digital engagement. Yet, nearly 65 percent of hotels globally haven’t taken advantage of these tools because of legacy technology systems with closed and limited integration ability.

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