About Us

We are hoteliers offering
digital solutions for hoteliers.

By acquiring an intimate understanding of both the industry’s technological challenges and the customers’ uncompromising demands, we created neorcha to imagine and implement solutions that answer and link the digital and the physical.

Today, Neorcha is a B2B2C SaaS Company providing hotels with fully integrated digital solutions with an utmost engaging customer journey.

How can we create information and customer management systems in the digital world that offer guests the best hospitality experiences in the physical world?

How do we dream up the best, and the most sophisticated systems, and then adapt them to the sizes, needs, and budgets of our clients?

These are the two questions that are always on our minds and that drive our work.

our methodology

to tackle any new challenge
is based on three main pillars

study the hotels current digital spectrum
highlight the challenges with a proper strategy to overcome them
customize the proper solution with the consumer at its epitome
with this aggile approach, an intuitive front-end ux and a reliable back-end we've expanded gradually to cover today two main markets in europe and middle east.
we always thrive to help our customers reducing the operation cost, reduce the in-house resources involvement in establishing the solution, increase customer engagement and loyalty thus generate higher revenues.
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